Maica Domnului, sec XVIII, autor necunoscut, provine de la biserica din Toager, Timis

  1. Orthodox Mariology in Patristic Theology and in Byzantine, Syriac, Coptic Hymnology, Iconography and Hagiographies;
  2. Father Stăniloae in dialogue with the 20th century theology;
  3. The Perichoresis of Eternity and Time in Fr. Stăniloae Theology;
  4. The Experience of God as Revelation and Knowledge of the Triune God;
  5. God’s eternal Face revealed in the Face of Jesus Christ;
  6. The Palamite Hesychasm in the Father Stăniloae Theological Synthesis;
  7. Returning to The Philokalic Fathers – the neopatristic movement and the Orthodox Spirituality;
  8. Prayer of Jesus and the experience of Holy Spirit;
  9. Person, Freedom and Holiness;
  10. Liturgy of the Community and the Liturgy of the Heart;
  11. Mystical Realism at Father Stăniloae – Apophaticism, Otherness and Ontology of Divine-Human Communion;
  12. Father Stăniloae’s attitude towards Philosophy.