Speaking about the Orthodox theological education or formation in Timisoara and Banat’s province, we have to go further in the past, at the time of dualistic regime of Austro Hungarians.

The historical chronicles inform us that for the first time, on 2nd of August 1785 the Romanian Orthodox in Timisoara have decided to organize a secondary school for Orthodox theology, but for the very beginning the decision was annulled by the rulers of that time.

In 1822, the Diocese of Arad manages to create a school for clerics in Arad. After a couple of years, the newly created Diocese of Caransebes – 1865 – has founded its own high school for priests, which has continuity in the nowadays.

The Diocese of Timisoara, founded into the year of 1939, does not have had a school for clerics from the very beginning. It was due to the historical facts happened in the North of Transylvania, that into the year 1941, the Academy of Theology from Oradea has been translated in Timisoara. But it remained in Timisoara only until the year of 1948, when a complete restoration or better say devastation of theological schools in Romania, have forced many of such institutions to close their doors.

After the Romanian Revolution in 1989, the Metropolitan Nicolae Corneanu of Banat conducted the efforts for the reestablishing of a Faculty of Orthodox theology in Timisoara. Due to a common decision, in 25th of March 1993, a section of Orthodox Theology was implemented into the Faculty of Letters and History of the University of West in Timisoara.

During time, the title of the Faculty has been changed, first into the Faculty of Letters, History and Philosophy and then, as it is now, into the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology.

A fair justice, we may say, has been done by establishing Orthodox Theology among the other disciplines of the University. Thus, because already into the foundation document of the University – 1944 – it is written that a Faculty of Orthodox theology should very soon be created.

Nowadays, under the inspired guidance of Metropolitan Ioan Selejan of Banat, the Faculty is about to get a new building for its functions.

The Faculty of Theology has 9 full professors and 8 associated professors. The students are enrolled in the Pastoral Theology license level with 4 years of studying, and a Master course with 2 years of studying.

Into the academic year 2018-2019, more than 100 students are studying Orthodox theology at the Faculty of Theology in Timisoara.

In the actual building where it is functioning, the Faculty of Theology has its own library with more than 5.000 books and periodicals. The students may also check other useful books in the Library of the University of West and also in the Library of the Diocesan Center in Timisoara.

After a quarter of century from its foundation, the Faculty of Theology in Timisoara remains a candle, perpetually lighted, for the benefit of the students and for the entire Christ’s Church.